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 Professionals working for professional voice users




The Voice Assessment Centre is devoted to the diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of voice disorders. The Voice Assessment Centre adopts a multidisciplinary approach seeing patients from across NSW and Australia. Our team includes Otolaryngologists/Voice Surgeons and Speech Pathologists/Voice Clinicians. We also work closely with other specialists, including neurologists, gastroenterologists, respiratory physicians, dieticians, singing teachers, voice coaches, radiologists and oncologists.







Diagnosis of Voice Problem

Individuals with prolonged voice symptoms are usually referred to the Voice Assessment Centre to make a diagnosis and exclude the rare problem of vocal fold cancer.

When you come to the Voice Assessment Centre you will be asked about:

  • voice symptoms and duration
  • any previous voice surgery
  • smoking and drinking habits
  • voice use at works or hobbies
  • any problems with any previous anaesthetics
  • any significant medical problems
  • any current medication or allergies

Voice Assessment Centre Team

From left Ms. Cecilia Pemberton (Speech Pathologist), Dr. Ian Cole (Voice Surgeon), Ms. Pauline Dooley (Speech Pathologist), Ms. Gabrielle Stringer (Centre Manager)