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ENT / Voice Surgeon

Dr. Ian Cole originally trained in London and as a fellow at Mt Sinai hospital, New York, USA.

He has been a VMO at St George, Sutherland and Concord hospitals since 1982 and at St Vincent’s hospital since 1993, concentrating on Head and neck cancer and Laryngology.

Since 1994 he has developed a special interest in laryngology and voice.  He has convened many courses on laryngeal conservation as well as voice surgery. Reconstruction of the damaged and paralysed larynx as well as laser treatment of vocal fold abnormalities and gender re-assignment are carried out at St Vincent’s.  

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Cecilia Pemberton LCST  FSPAA  CPSP
Speech Pathologist

Cecilia Pemberton is a qualified practicing speech pathologist. These include professional voice users such as: fitness instructors, teachers, actors, singers, barristers, judges and auctioneers. Cecilia bases her therapy on the anatomy and physiology of the individual’s voice problem. Voice therapy programmes are designed for each patient using practical knowledge voice expertise and evidenced based practice. Her sessions are full of useful information and vocal exercises on how to improve vocal function and maintain a healthy voice.

In 2009 Cecilia was awarded Fellowship by Speech Pathology Australia in recognition of her contribution to the profession in the area of voice. Cecilia is currently involved in a joint project with the Catholic Education Wollongong designed to prevent vocal injury in teachers. This project was a finalist in the 2009 NSW Safe work awards. Cecilia is co author of Voice Care for Teachers DVD

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Pauline Dooley  Bach. of Sp Thpy (Uni of Qld) CPSP
Speech Pathologist


Pauline Dooley is a speech pathologist who specializes in voice disorders, speech and swallowing difficulty associated with head and neck cancer surgery and tracheostomy. In conjunction with Dr Cole and Cecilia Pemberton, Pauline assesses the effect any laryngeal dysfunction may have on the voice and especially on the swallowing mechanism, suggesting strategies to assist the patient achieve 'safe swallowing'. Pauline is a lecturer in Head and Neck surgery at Macquarie University and with the team at the Voice Assessment Centre is active in on-going research in voice and swallowing management.